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When is the best time to visit Morocco?

Morocco offers a diverse range of experiences throughout the year. While it remains a compelling destination at any time, late December tends to attract a higher influx of tourists. The most temperate weather prevails during Spring (typically from March to May), with temperatures averaging between 11 – 28°C (52 – 82°F). Autumn (usually from September to November) also boasts mild temperatures ranging from 11 – 32°C (52 – 90°F). Summer (typically from June to August) brings hot daytime temperatures exceeding 40°C (104°F), cooling down to around 19°C (66°F) at night. Winter (normally from December to February) sees temperatures ranging from 7 – 21°C (45 – 70°F), accompanied by snowfall in mountainous areas.

Are all your tours private?

Certainly, all of our tours are exclusive, allowing you the freedom to stop whenever you desire. Revel in the journey at your own pace, without any rush or obligation to adhere to a set schedule or join other groups.

Will the price be the same if we are 2, 3 or more persons?

The cost is determined by the size of your group; the larger the group, the lower the price.

Can you arrange my entire trip in Morocco?

Certainly, we are capable of organizing your complete journey throughout Morocco. Our tours are flexible, commencing at any time of the day and on any day of the week, departing from various Moroccan cities or airports. The itinerary can be customized to perfectly align with your preferences.

What if I don't want to do all of a tour?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and each tour can be customized to align with your unique preferences and interests. Should you have an alternative route in mind, feel free to inform us, and we will gladly create a tailored tour that meets your specific requirements.

Can your company arrange just my transportation if I book my own accommodations?

Certainly, should you prefer, we can organize your transportation while you handle your own accommodation booking.

What payment methods do you accept?

To confirm your reservation, a deposit must be made through PayPal, and the remaining balance is to be paid in cash during the trip. Our pricing is quoted in Euro, but you have the option to settle the payment in either USD or Moroccan Dirhams. Exchange rates can be found here for reference. If you prefer, you may also complete the balance payment via PayPal, incurring an additional 5% charge to cover handling costs. To do so, kindly notify us in advance and settle the balance with the 5% surcharge three days prior to the trip. Otherwise, we assume the balance will be paid in cash, and requests to settle the payment via PayPal during the trip will not be accommodated.

What is the Cancellation and Deposit Refund Policy?

Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to the Company. Refunds for cancellations made 14 days or more prior to the tour commencement will be processed through PayPal. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received 13 days or less before the tour commencement.

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